My plan for world domination is taking shape

The beginnings of the Dog Tired World Empire have begun to take shape. Another retailer just agreed to carry my straps, so that brings us up to four. I know, I know.  Four doesn’t sound like a huge number, but I’m sure at one point early in his career, even Elvis only had four fans, and look what that grew into! My goal is to have about 30 retailers by the end of the year, so I plan to hit the road pretty hard over the coming weekends. It’s a good thing I like to drive.

I’ve got some big plans in the works for new colors, a POP display, and a retail package to help attract new distributors, so hopefully the DT love will be spreading outside the regional area. If you have a favorite music store where you’d like to see DT being represented, feel free to drop me an email to tell me about them.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to design my Graceland…

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