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       I've always had a passion for old things and the stories that are born from seeing life in all of its imperfections.  To me, there's nothing better than taking an old, neglected structure — something with a history that's barely remembered — and using it to create something that inspires someone to start telling their own stories.  I started Dog Tired as a way of bridging the old and the new — the forgotten stories with the narratives yet to be told.  

       There's always been a sense of "mojo" around electric guitars.  People who love them know that each one has its own feel and character, and nothing inspires you to create like a guitar you connect with.  Whether it's preserving the history of Oklahoma with a Heritage Series guitar or preserving your own personal history with an Heirloom Series, our goal is to build something beautiful, unique, and meaningful — something that inspires you to tell a story.

Roger Cowan
Dog Tired Guitars
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