When Two Hobbies Collide

So, one thing to know about me is that I love doing themed guitars.  There's just something about the creative exercise of figuring out the essence of the theme and then incorporating that into a guitar.  And when doing a themed anything, you always walk a fine line between pulling in enough of the theme to make it evident in the final product and going too far and pushing things over the top and making something cheesy.

I've got a really good friend who's a pretty hard-core gamer and also a guitar player.  He's got a particular affinity for the game Overwatch and the character Reinhardt in particular, and I thought that sounded like something I could really work with in the form of a guitar, so I started designing and came up with this.

We used the Reinhardt logo as an inlay on the 7th fret and used the Overwatch logo as the double fret markers on the 12th and also on the custom neck plate.  I then designed a custom stencil by doing my best to recreate the font used on his shoulder number and spraying that on the upper horn.  The last little bit of the theme was the detailing of the knobs which were fashioned to mimic the knob found in the middle of Reinhardt's chest.

If you'd like to see the full build process, you can check out the playlist here on my YouTube channel.

Here are the specs:

  • Alder body
  • 5-piece maple neck
  • Richlite fretboard
  • CTS pots
  • Kluson modern tuners 


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