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The Needtobreathe Special

This guitar was built to give to Needtobreathe as a thank you for playing a charity concert which was organized by a ...

Joel's Heirloom Barncaster

This was an extremely special guitar to build.  Joel was a former gigging guitar player and current guitar player on ...

Bobby's Punk-caster

I called this one the Punkcaster because Bobby had played in some punk bands in Kansas where he grew up.  With this g...

CWAC 2013 Donation Guitar

This guitar was built as a donation for a charity project.  Each year in our community, we have Concert With A Consci...

Jason's Heirloom Barncaster

This guitar was ordered for Jason by his wife as a gift.  The wood comes from the 100 year old barn on her parents' p...

Steve's Custom Series JM

Steve was a former touring pro guitarist and is the current worship leader at our church.  After seeing what I was ab...

The Industricaster

This was the second guitar I ever built.  It was done as part of a build challenge on one of my favorite guitar forum...

The Mili-Tele

This was my #1.   I've never been a finesse player, and I wanted to build myself a guitar that I could beat up, so I ...
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